If you see Classic User Management in Autodesk Account, you can manage people By User, By Product, and in Classic User Management. This occurs when you have a mix of products:

  • Products with single-user and multi-user access,
  • Products purchased at different times, or
  • Products purchased online and from a reseller.

Autodesk Account user management classic view

The key differences between the two views include:

Separate user lists

The by product/by user list and the classic user management list are independent of one another. To make users available on both lists, they must be added to both.

  • By user/By product – When you add people by user or by product, they are not added to classic user management.
  • Classic user management - When you add people in classic user management, they are not added to the by product/by user list.

Sign in to activate

Product activation is easier for users assigned by product/by user:

  • By user/by product – Sign in using your Autodesk Account email to activate.
  • Classic user management - Enter a serial number to activate.

Different administrative roles

The by product/by user list and the classic user management list have different administrative roles as shown in the table below. For a detailed comparison of the different administrative roles, see Admin roles in new and classic user management.

By user and by product user management admin roles

You can have one primary admin and unlimited secondary and SSO admins, and they are not managed by serial number.

Primary admin
Secondary admin
SSO admin
  • Has the same rights as secondary admins but can also configure and manage single sign-on. See SSO admins.

Classic user management admin roles

In classic user management, there is only one contract manager and one software coordinator. The purchaser of the subscription is initially designated as the contract manager, but the role can be reassigned later. The contract manager assigns a software coordinator to help manage users.

Contract manager
Software coordinator

Assign access by user or product

In the by product/by user list, you can assign people by user or product. In the classic view, you can only assign products by user.

By user and by product user management

Admins can assign people by user or by product, rather than contract. So you don’t have to track which subscription users are assigned.

  • By user – Select someone from the user list to manage their product access. See Assign products and services to users.
  • By product - Select a product from the product list to assign users. The product list shows the number of users assigned to that product and the number of seats available. Click a product to view the assigned users and add more. See Assign users by product.

Classic user management

In classic user management, you can only assign by user (select someone from the user list to assign a product). Also, users are tied to a contract, but not a specific serial number. See Assign products & services in classic user management.

Seats are pooled

In the by product/by user list, seats are pooled for multiple subscriptions making it easier to manage seats. In classic user management, seats are tied to a contract.

  • By user/By product user management – If a subscription expires, assigned users do not lose access if there are seats available on another subscription.
  • Classic user management - If a contract expires, users lose access and are deleted from the user list, even if there are seats available on another contract. Move assigned users to a different contract before it expires so they don’t lose access. See Remove users in classic user management.

Moving subscriptions with single-user access

We are in the process off migrating all subscriptions with single-user access to the new user management system (by user or by product). Afterward, only users with a mix of single-user and multi-user (network) subscriptions will manage users in both places.